Aidi is a particular dog breed that is native to the land of Morocco. It is primarily used as a guard dog, protecting herds of sheep and goats.

They are well-known for their hunting skills and a strong sense of smell. Local hunters make use of Aidi’s cunning ability to pick up scents which allows them to track down the exact location of the prey.

They originally came from the mountains and plateaus of North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and most probably in the Sahara) before they migrated to Morocco, wherein they can be found in large numbers nowadays.

In the olden days, they had lived together with the semi-nomadic people. They were trained to defend their master’s territory–safeguarding the tents, belongings, and livestock against the attack of wild animals.

Traits and Behavior

The Aidi dogs are very faithful, affectionate and extremely protective to their owners and family members. If they sense the arrival of an opponent, it is their reflex action to fiercely strike out anytime and anywhere without having second thoughts or any hint of fear, just to defend the people, animals, or even things they hold so dearly.

The breed has inherited the abilities of a guard dog which explains why this specific dog is very submissive towards its master, always ready to take orders.

Aidi smiling

Aidi Dogs have also a high level of energy and intellectual capacity that they need a daily dose of exercise and mental stimulation. Since they require a lot of exercise, a dog owner is advised to provide an Aidi dog with long walks and the opportunity to run freely around wide-open spaces.

Pet Care and Diseases

So far, there are no known health issues that exist predominantly in Aidi dogs. Like with any thick-coated canines, you must make sure they are up to date on all vaccinations, de-wormings and other prophylactic or preventive measures.

It is also suggested by most veterinarians that you take your pet in for a routine check-up at least twice a year.

Aidi close up

They also need special grooming at least twice a week or else they will shed much more than what is expected from them.

For fluffy dogs, bathe them at least once a month and use only a special shampoo indicated only to this type of breed.

During summer, especially in very humid areas, intense heat can cause discomfort to an Aidi dog.

Best interventions are to trim the excess hair, avoid bringing him outside, and ensure that your dog is placed in a well-ventilated area.

This dog is not suitable for an apartment-type living condition. House fencing should ideally be about 5 feet high.


The Aidi is a breed that has a very muscular body feature. The coat is described as thick, coarse, and weather-proof with a tail that is heavily plumed. Typical height ranges from 21-24 inches while the weight ranges from 50-55 pounds.

The head is in good proportion with the body. The muzzle narrows towards the tip of the nose. The jaws are incredibly strong. Both eyes are medium in size. The ears are tipped forward and slightly bent, giving an alert look. Colors that are often seen are black, white, mixed black-white, and fawn.

Aidi full body

General Information

The estimated life of an Aidi is 10 to 12 years. A litter may be composed of 3-7 puppies. Other names for Aidi are Atlas Mountain Dog, Atlas Shepherd Dog, and Shawia.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Aidis. Click this link: http://khkg.dk/