The Bruno Jura Hound is an offspring of various breeds that are native to the Jura Mountains region in Switzerland. These breeds include the Swiss Laufhund, Hubert Hound as well as the other native hounds.

Mostly, these dogs were being used for hunting along the Jura Mountains but were primarily recognized as domestic hounds during the Middle Ages.

They are known to be keen and excellent hunters, with fox or hare as their favorite prey. Like some hounds, they can track and follow scents to miles throughout the stony terrain of mountains that are bordering Switzerland and France.

A lot of Swiss adventurers before have written that these dogs were short, have lengthy heads and short bodies. For this, it is apparent that the bodies of these hounds today still appear the same as what they look for more than six hundred years in the past.

Traits and Behavior

The Bruno Jura Hound likes to explore new and fascinating terrains that they have never come across before. These dogs fit for those people whose interests are hiking and exercising since they will enjoy going out with their owners.

Additionally, these dogs also make great friends to children and they’re not extremely aggressive when it comes to strangers. But, this depends on how well they are being handled.

When training these hounds to become hunting partners, the process is very simple because they have extraordinarily brilliant hunting techniques. Having them as a hunting partner will be very beneficial for the owner since they are incredibly gentle and affectionate.

Also, these dogs are even-tempered and because they are very loyal, they will defend their masters to any kind of extent possible most especially if they have sensed impending danger.

Pet Care and Diseases

Brushing the Bruno Jura Hound will reduce the shedding of its hair. Assess for fleas and ticks daily throughout the summer and even during some other warm climates. A lot of them do not require a bath more than several times a year. But, before bathing them, comb or cut out all mats of the hound’s coat then rinse thoroughly so that the dirt won’t stick with the soap.

Also, they should have some daily exercises for them to invigorate their minds, retain good health and stay fit. But, the activity must be based on the age as well as on the level of the physical condition of your Jura hound. If their age is just six to eighteen months old, then it requires a higher level of activity.

The Bruno Jura Hound does not acquire a lot of sicknesses but they can have allergies during springtime and when they age since their noses will be more sensitive. Also, their coats must be inspected for any abrasions or plugs thoroughly after hunting.

They must also have worming treatments to prevent them from obtaining worms in their intestines. The Bruno Jura Hound has a long life but sometimes, this can get a little lower depending on your care.


The Bruno Jura stands around seventeen to twenty-three inches high if measured from its feet to its withers. The males are a little larger compared to the females. They also weigh about thirty to forty-four pounds.

The Bruno Jura hound has a big skull which makes its head look a lot broader than its heavy body. They have dark, deep-seated and kind eyes as well as flappy ears which are large and long that hang down across their muzzle.

The Bruno Jura Hounds have several wrinkles in their bodies around their neck and chest area. They have a coarse coat that is thick and short that keeps them warm from the mountain’s cold air.

Their coat has two different color patterns, either a tan-colored coat having a black saddle on the back of a black one that has tan spots. Also, their bodies are symmetrical and well-muscled and their tails are elongated that bends slightly upward.

General Information

The estimated life of a Bruno Jura Hound is 12-13 years. A litter may be composed of 3-7 puppies. It is also known as Jura Laufhund.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Bruno Jura Hounds. Click this link: http://www.laufhunden.nl/

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