There are many theories about the origins of the Bucovina Shepherd dog. This is because they have been developed long before records about dog breeding were started to be written and they were also commonly bred by illiterate farmers.

However, certainly, these dogs were almost entirely developed in the mountainous regions of Bucovina. The Bucovina Shepherd dogs are primarily bred to guard flocks of goats or sheep.

Bucovina Shepherd Dog lying on rocks

They have been developed to be powerful and large enough to fight wolves, bears and even human bandits who are living in their mountainous homes without hesitation.

When Romania has eventually become more industrial and urbanized, numerous Romanians migrated from their countryside homes to the major metropolitan areas.

But, a lot of them still brought their much loved Bucovina Shepherd Dogs with them in the city rather than leaving them in the Carpathians.

As a result, these dogs were used to protect properties and have become dedicated as well as gentle companion for the family.

Also, their population has increased because the Romanians all over the country started to keep them since they are very useful for companionship and protection. They are not only a devoted guard dogs but they’re also safe and gentle with the kids as well.

The Bucovina Shepherd Dog has continued to grow in terms of popularity within native Romania. However, they remain unknown outside their homeland and they are also considered to be rare elsewhere. Also, some of their breeds continue to guard the sheep against the predators in the Carpathian Mountains though the majority of them serve as property or personal guardians.

Traits and Behavior

The Bucovina Shepherd Dog is intelligent, active, jolly and independent. They are proud, brave, well-balanced and has excellent guarding instincts. Serene and calm, they look for companionship with their masters because they enjoy serving and guarding them.

Bucovina Shepherd Dog tongue out

They are devoted and friendly to their masters and are protective of the children as well. However, they can be suspicious of strangers so they must acquire good socialization if you intend to have them in the neighborhood.

These dogs require a lot of space for them to be kept active. Otherwise, they may feel grumpy or even unhappy if they are kept in a small area. They show bravery with the potential predators and will bark loudly when other animals and strangers get closer to their territory.

Pet Care and Diseases

Because these dogs have a double-layered coat, they must be groomed at least once daily. This should be done for a few minutes to loosen some fur which may cause over shedding. They must also have a bath each month to maintain their cleanliness and keep their furs shiny.

With regards to their health, the Bucovina Shepherd Dog are healthy and strong but they might have hip dysplasia when they are very active as well as visual problems. Since they can have this type of health problem, it is very much advisable to have them regularly checked up by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.

Bucovina Shepherd Dog standing on rocks

This is to detect early health issues and prevent them from advancing on a more serious condition. These dogs have an average life span of twelve years depending on how well they are taken care of.


The Bucovina Shepherd Dogs have the same appearance as many other big mountain dogs, but they exhibit more color patterns and are more lightly built compared to the others.

Their size ranges from large to very large and their weight depends on their height though mostly, they weigh around 70-120 pounds. They are a large-sized, robust, strong and imposing dog. They have a sturdy, massive, rectangular body and they also have strong bones.

Bucovina Shepherd Dog standing on rocks

The head of the Bucovina Shepherd Dog is relatively large, wide and almost completely flat at the top. Their muzzle is moderately wide but it narrows considerably to the end.

Their eyes are small for their head, colored hazel or brown and are set diagonally. The dog’s ears hang down near the sides of their head and v-shaped which are placed somewhat higher than its headline.

The neck of the Bucovina Shepherd Dog is strong and thick. It has a bushy tail that is set low when they are on alert and is settled high when they are at rest.

They have double-layered fur that is thick, short and lighter on the inner layer and rough, thick and straight on the other parts of their body.

The hairs of these dogs are shorter on their head as well as on the anterior side of their legs and are longer than the rest of their body.

Also, the hair on its neck is longer which forms into a mane. The most common color combination of Bucovina Shepherd dog is white that has well-defined spots which are black, brown,sand-colored or multicolored. Some of them are also colored black or pure white but there are just a few of them.

General Information

The estimated life of a Bucovina Shepherd Dog is 12-14 years. A litter may be composed of 6-8 puppies. The breed is also known as Caine Ciobanesc de Bucovina.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Bucovina Shepherd Dogs. Click this link: http://www.bucovinadogs.ro/