It has been traced that the Caucasian Shepherd dogs originated way back in ancient times. They were thought to have spread their legion throughout the border of Europe and Asia somewhere along the famous Black and Caspian seas. Because of their robust-like structure and protector instincts, they were mostly used by local herders to protect their flock of sheep and other livestock animals.

Caucasian Shepherd in snow

Caucasian Ovcharka, as one of the many names of the breed, was known in most of Russia and became popular in dog shows in circus bands that travel and tour within the region Their ability as watchdogs was taken with much consideration during the Second World War.

Historical documentations were showing that these breed of canines were used and heavily relied on by German soldiers as patrol guards in border posts After the war, the Caucasian Shepherd dogs were adopted as domesticated pets by many German families.

Traits and Behavior

The Caucasian Shepherds are good to watch dogs in nature. They are intelligent, assertive, and ferocious, and love to do work. Because of their protectiveness and highly thinking territorial instincts, they are willing to protect whatever is at stake for its owner.

Also with high energy and strong-willed, these dogs are difficult to be taken out on walks with young children and elderly people because they can even go to great lengths of time running around without signs of exhaustion.

Caucasian Shepherd tongue out

Since Caucasian dogs think independently, one has to assert much-needed effort to train them. Their main dominant trait is that they are loyal to their trainers and to the one that truly respects them.

If provided with proper training, these dogs are quite helpful and go along with young children. However, trainers must commit a display of strong leadership and a positive array of training methods without the use of aggression.

Pet Care and Diseases

Depending on coat varieties, long-haired Caucasian Shepherd dogs need frequent brushing and attention to detail grooming necessities.

Caucasian Shepherd mouth open

Watch out for occurrences of tangled hair mostly on spotted areas on the chest part and under the chin area.

For short-haired dogs, brushing requires less but still needs to be combed. Because of their heavy-flurry hair, dogs like these are inclined to cold climate and temperature; so, therefore, must be housed in a suitable temperature adaptable to their natural body covering.

Since Caucasian Shepherds are alert and energetic, they fit best on houses with extensive grounds suitable for walking and running along for exercise purposes.

These kinds of dogs love to be walked for a long period. However, they should be prohibited to walk in front of their owner for they tend to stubbornly take control and might pose a problem in following orders.

As for common diseases that may occur, these dogs are considered to be healthy as long as they are properly cared for. In most cases, Caucasian dogs sometimes fall into injuries such as hip and elbow dysplasia and also dislocation of the knees.


Caucasian Shepherd lying on grass

With a natural, strong built, furry hair and deep-set eyes, the Caucasian dogs are, no doubt, a handsome breed and with their innate intelligence to obey, they are more accepted by dog lovers as a friendly yet powerful breed of dogs.

The height of males ranges from 72-75 cms, while the females have a desirable height of 67-70 cms.

The males have a more massive body structure weighing a minimum of 50 kgs than females which weigh less or about a minimum of 45 kgs.

They usually have a large black nose that does not protrude on the muzzle outline but exudes great prominence and well-stocked under the eyes. 

Equipped with strong jaws and chin, they possess an undeniably sharp, strong set of teeth.

Its floppy ears are in moderate size, thick and hang loosely to its cheeks. Body colors are well coated in many variations from black, brown, white, and grey blended in solid, piebald, or spotted in a pattern.

General Information

Its life expectancy comes around 10-12  in dog years. The average litter size is 5-12 puppies. Other names include Zhaul Zhali (Chechen, Ingush), Georgia Nagazi, Kavkasiuri Nagazi, Kavkazty Uasahichala, Kavkazskaïa Ovtcharka, Caucasian Ovcharka, Caucasian Mountain Dog, Circassian Sheep Dog, Armenian Khobun, Sage Ghafghazi, Kars Çoban Köpeği and Адыгэ Мэлыхъуахь (Adyghe melekhuah).

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Caucasian Shepherd Dogs. Click this link: http://www.vbocaucasian.com/