This dog originated from Uruguay and was believed to be brought by European travellers and conquerors who set foot in Uruguay only to abandon these dogs thereafter receiving these breeds as gifts.

The Cimarron Uruguayo had been seen during the 17th century by local farmers, aware of their nature as hunting dogs after observing a number of their livestock were killed by these dogs.

Cimarron Uruguayo lying on grass

It was then agreed by the farmers to make research on this breed and train them so they can serve as their watchdogs. But to those that continue to display aggressiveness and violence, they were put to death.

Throughout the years, the Cimarron Uruguayo had been considered a national symbol because of their survival instincts and strong superior abilities. They have become mascots in Uruguay’s National army.

Traits and Behavior

Firstly used and developed to be working dogs, the Cimarrons are excellent watchdogs, in hunting, scenting, and even engaging in dog fights.

Cimarron Uruguayo tongue out

They are independent thinkers making them difficult to train.

Therefore, it is imperative that when they are still puppies, training should start so they learn the techniques of socializing and being in harmony with their adoptive family and their environs.

They are alert, athletic and mostly accustomed to large areas that can openly express their desire for running, chasing or walking.

Because they love the open spaces, potential owners must be firm in training and coaching them to subdue their instinct to be aggressive and dominant. If properly trained, they can be friendly with children or seniors.

Pet Care and Diseases

The Cimarron Uruguayo is a heavy shredder and most importantly needs to be brushed regularly. They are a low-maintenance type because their coats can naturally serve as protection for any kind of weather conditions.

Cimarron Uruguayo close up

When used for hunting there is a need to completely dry out the dog to prevent them from catching the colds and chills.

The inside ears must be regularly checked to prevent infection or mucous plugs that can cause bulging of the tympanic membrane. A bath is only necessary when the dog smells or has become messy and dirty.

These dogs love to do as much exercise so owners must be ready to give them long walks or running activities.

Due to its active personality, injuries on the knees, elbows or hip may occur. They tend to get bloated on the belly or develop cataracts and other gastrointestinal problems.


The Cimarron Uruguayo appears large, muscular and athletic in body structure. They stand about 58 – 61cm in height in withers and weigh about 38 – 45kg. The head is long, broad and in moderate stop, the same facial features among the Molosser type of dogs.

The muzzle is broad, long and relatively proportionate to its skull. The nose usually appears black and broad. Its ears are round in shape and are relatively small which hang loosely on the level of their eyes.

Cimarron Uruguayo side view

The coat of this dog is short, smooth and dense in texture. Coat colors are brindle (brown or pale yellow with black markings) and fawn with black markings.

General Information

Their usual lifespan comes around 10-14 years. The average litter size is 4-8 puppies. Other names include Cimarron, Uruguayan Cimarron, Cimarron Creole, Maroon Dog, Cerro Largo Dog, Perro Cimarron and Cimarron Dog.

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