The kind of breed which is the Czechoslovak wolf-dog was developed purposely to cater to the characteristics of a guard dog bearing traits and behavior of a dog that has pack mentality, trainability and possessing aggressive and energetic stamina for hunting.

czechoslovak wolfdog lying on the grass

This breed was born from the genetic combination of the German shepherd dogs and the Carpathian wolves in 1955 by Czechoslovakian breeders. Their initial plan was to use this new breed of dogs as guard dogs on military posts and also were trained to attack for any Special Operations facilitated by the military personnel.

After the war, they were later used for search and rescue units, tracking, herding and hunting activities. In 1982, the Czechoslovak wolf-dog was accepted as a national breed in Czechoslovakia. Then in 1999, it was then considered as a separate type of breed.

Traits and Behavior

The Czechoslovak wolf-dog is a multi-talented breed that is highly trainable during its puppy years.

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They are naturally alert, active and playful with their master. They possess a higher intelligence so much that they can easily obey commands use for hunting methods, chase, track and guard an animal or object.

Since this dog has been created by the Czechoslovakian for military purposes, they can aggressively attack anyone or anything that are a stranger to them.

However, they are loyal and have an admirable trait of cooperating and learning new tricks and tasks.

Socialization is a must during their younger years to avoid any rebellious and dominant trait.

These dogs are not natural dog barkers so they used a different method of communicating like growling, grunting, or whining.

They are well-suited to run, roam around and walk on extensive grounds. Further, their ability for running knows no bounds for they can run for long hours and longer miles without any sign of being tired because they have good stamina.

Pet Care and Diseases

This dog is a heavy shedder so regular combing or brushing is necessary. However, bathing may not be required since it produces natural oil protection that can easily leave off the dirt. They are reported to shed at least twice a year so owners must prepare to regularly clean their places for falling hair.

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They are active dogs and, therefore, need regular exercise, whether running or taking long walks. This breed is built of good stock and is generally healthy provided that they are well-fed and maintained.


Its features may appear to be similar to wolves but they have a smaller and medium-sized body built. They stand about 50-60 cm and weigh about 20-26 kg. They have distinctive features such as their ears appearing in an upright position and triangular shape while their eyes are amber-colored that sets obliquely and short in place.

czechoslovak wolfdog walking

This wolf-dog has the same color type as that of some breed of wolves whose coat color carries the shades of gray with a yellow or silver tint and whose hair texture is heavy, thick, and straight. Their chest is large and rather flat, while their belly is deeply drawn up.

Overall, the Czechoslovak wolf-dog looks muscular and athletic. With such thick, protective features, they can withstand cold climates most especially during wintertime.

czechoslovak wolfdog walking

General Information

They can live for as long as  10-12 years. The average litter size is about 4-8 puppies. Other names include Československý vlčiak (Slovakia), Československý vlčák (Czech Republic), Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (United Kingdom) and Czechoslovakian Vlčák (United States).

Breed Club

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