The Entlebucher Mountain dog originally comes from a family of Molossers breed in which they are mostly seen in the Entlebuch region, a municipality of Lucerne in Switzerland. Reports tell that they were believed to be brought by the Romans in the last 2,000 years ago in Switzerland and were used as herd dogs or guard dogs.

Entlebucher Mountain dog lying on leaves

They are categorized as a fourth mountain dog in which its features, skills, and personalities are the likes of an Appenzell Cattle dog, not until 1913 when they were recognized as the EntleBucher as a separate type of breed.

In the World War I days, there was a decrease in population among the mountain dogs such that a Swiss breeder, Albert Heim, took an effort to preserve this breed to revive, if not increase, the existence of this kind of mountain dog.

Entlebucher Mountain dog lying on leaves

Nowadays, it is difficult to acquire this dog outside the area of Switzerland. It is still in the process of being considered and recognized in the world of kennel clubs and be known as a fun, active, lively pet dog among pet owners.

Traits and Behavior

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The Entlebucher is known for its excellent skill of herding and guarding livestock and properties. Because of this skill, they possess a deep bark sound that affirms their instinct as guard dogs.

They are also known as working dogs that are capable of doing specific tricks and tasks upon the command of their master or trainer.

They are intelligent, hard-working, and obedient dogs that are easy to train. As pet dogs, they possess a loving, affectionate, and friendly nature, especially to their family members.

They love the attention of their owners or trainers to which they show extreme loyalty.

Socialization is recommended at an early stage to associate them with people and other pet dogs or animals since they can also be suspicious of unfamiliar people.

They can adapt well to outdoor activities and likes playing things like fetching or Frisbee.

This dog can develop a separation anxiety problem when left alone for long periods and thus can tend to be destructive and aggressive.

Pet Care and Diseases

This dog may generally need a professional groomer to maintain its quality appearance. In most cases, the Entlebucher is a heavy shedder so regular brushing is required to prevent any matting of hairs and to remove any dead hairs.

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Bathing takes place only when necessary since it has natural oils which protect them from skin problems.

They are naturally strong and active dogs and regular exercise, like running, walking, fetching, is recommended or involving them in sport dogs’ activities may provide them with a way of maintaining their energetic nature.

They work well in extensive and large grounds that can allow them to roam, walk or even do guarding posts as needed.

Normally, the Entlebuchers are healthy and hearty breeds. Some common health problems are hip and knee injuries, arthritis, bloat and even hemolytic anemia that can occur due to its inbreeding process which is congenital defects.


A medium in size Molosser type, the Entlebucher has a strong muscular structure on both legs. They have a flat skull with a head that is proportionate to its body. Their ears appear small and triangular that loosely hangs on both sides of the cheeks.

Eye colors are usually dark brown to hazel brown, round with black eye rims. The ideal height of withers of the Entlebucher stands about 48-50cm and weighs about 25.5-30kgs.

Their main feature is their tricolor coat hair that can appear in black with tan and white markings. Both white and tan markings are usually seen on areas on the chest, feet, and legs which have a smooth, close-knit texture of the coat.

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General Information

This breed’s lifespan is approximately 11-15 years. The average litter size is 4-8 puppies. Other names include Entelbuch Mountain Dog, Entelbucher Cattle Dog and Entlebucher.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Entlebucher Mountain Dogs. Click this link: http://www.entlebucher.co.uk/