They are known as “Nagazi” which existed as primitive dogs in the Georgian mountains of Caucasus. The Georgian shepherds are skilful in herding sheep and other livestock in the mountain areas of Georgia.

These dogs are related to the Caucasian Shepherd dogs and the Russian’s Caucasian Ovcharka where Georgian breeders had a heated debate about which of these dogs was to be considered as a national breed.

In the past centuries, the Georgian shepherds were famous for engaging in dog fights with other breeds as part of their recreation and entertainment among Georgian citizens.

Today the Georgian shepherds are a rare type of breed so much so that Georgian dog enthusiasts, who supported the campaign of finding these remaining dogs, have gone to great lengths in broadcasting through media and other social networking sites to make known of the existence of these rare types of dogs.

Traits and Behavior

Georgian shepherds are brave, strong, and athletic dogs. They were developed to be good sheepherders wherein guarding and herding are their best abilities. They are also loving, loyal and very obedient dog breed to their trainer or owner.

These dogs are recommended to socialize at an early stage to keep them associated with other pets or people. Training them can be easy because these types have higher intelligence and can easily cooperate and perform any specific trick or task.

Not only are these dogs excellent as working dogs, but they are also so gentle and loving with children. They love the atmosphere of always playing around and making work for themselves as what they are accustomed to.

However, these dogs are not suitable for apartment life or to any small space living due to their large body structure. They are uncomfortable in restricted spaces and can be destructive when left in a little space for movement.

Pet Care and Diseases

With their heavy double coat hairs, these dogs must have regular grooming and brushing using a firm bristle brush to prevent matting of hairs.

It is also not a surprise that these dogs are heavy shedders since they usually shed at least twice a year and can be heavily shedding during winters or spring. Bathing them only when necessary since their skin possesses natural oils that serve as protection.

Georgian shepherds are alert and active, that’s why regular exercises are deeply needed for these breeds. Long walks or regular runs can be a good start of an exercise regimen that can help maintain their functionality and alertness.

If these dogs fail to exert exercise and body movements regularly, they will tend to behave inappropriately and may be destructive to its surrounding.

They are generally healthy dogs but can be prone to some health problems like hip dysplasia, knee injuries, bloat and congestive heart disease.


These Georgian shepherds are one of the largest types of dogs that are known to mankind. Sometimes, they are referred to as “giant dogs” which have massive, long hair coats and undercoat. They belong to the family of Molosser breeds which are famous as large kinds of dogs.

These dogs stand around 75-85 cm in height at the withers and weigh around 65-85 kg.

Physically, the Georgian shepherds are strong and muscular in body structure. They are covered with a double-thick coat and undercoat the colors of which may vary from white, grey, white with black markings, and brown.

They have a long muzzle and a black nose. Their ears are usually short and are hanging on both sides of the cheeks. Eyes are oval in shape and colors may also vary from brown to hazel brown.

General Information

These dogs can live up to 11-12 years. The average litter size is 6-9 puppies. The Georgian Shepherd is also known as the Georgian Mountain Dog.