Karst Shepherd closeup

The Karst shepherd dogs originally existed in Slovenia of the Karst Plateau.

They were used as livestock guardian dogs mostly to sheep, in which in that period, the use of working dogs was very useful for instances of intrusion from wild animals.

Karst shepherd dogs were believed by breeders that gave contribution to the existence of both German shepherds and Greek Molos.

Until now, the Karst shepherds are still found in farmlands as flock guards to which they are even regarded with their excellent working capabilities.

Though they are rare in number, many enthusiast breeders are now taking part in the improvement of their breeding to utilize their quality service.

These dogs are also famous as companion and family pet dogs.

Traits and Behavior

These dogs are reliable and very independent thinkers. They usually don’t trust strangers and can be territorial and reserved with unfamiliar faces.

Karst Shepherd in the forest

With their working status, they are very attentive, brave, and hard-working especially on guard with the livestock.

They are more loyal to their owner and would be even willing to protect them from danger.

The Karst shepherds need proper training and socialization which is recommended to take place during their early years.

In this process, they can build up confidence and trust in the family members and other animals.

Also, they have a mind of being dominant in a pack, in which while training, strict, calm leadership should be implemented for these dogs to know their place.

Otherwise, they are very reliable, loving and friendly when trained well.

Pet Care and Diseases

The Karst shepherds possess a long, dense type of coated hairs in which regular caring of them is greatly prioritized to maintain their quality appearance. Doing this, it is highly recommended that regular brushing of their hair using a fine bristled brush is needed to help remove dead and loose hairs. Bathing is only done when necessary. Completely dry them so as not to catch chills and colds.

Like many active and alert types of breeds, these dogs are no exception to having regular exercises. In their nature, they need a routine of exercises that can help function them well in their everyday life. Walking, running, or engaging in sports play is all useful for their regular exercises.

Karst Shepherd in the mountain

With the Karst shepherds, they are generally considered to be a healthy breed with no cases of reported health problems.


The Karst shepherds are medium in size, sturdily built and with distinctive iron-grey coat color. They have a height in withers about 57-63 cm and weigh about 26-40 kg. They have a broad head, a rounded skull, and almond-shaped dark brown colored eyes.

In body appearance, they are slightly longer than tall, with a bushy curved tail. Strong muscular and bone structure are found, with medium width of the chest and solid back. They have a long, dense double coat, with color that comes in iron grey or with additional color towards the grey or very dark shade of grey.

Karst Shepherd one ear up

General Information

They have an average lifespan of 11-12 years.  Litter size can be up to 3 puppies. Other names include (Slovene) kraševec and kraški ovčar.