The existence of today’s American foxhound was made possible more than 200 years ago.  When the first European settlers arrived in the American colonies, some brought their hounds with them.

American Foxhound lying on the grass

In the late 1700s, breeders were aiming to develop a distinct hound that would be lighter, taller, faster and has a stronger sense of smell than the English hounds.

One of the first to do this was Robert Brooke. Later on, Brooke’s dogs were bred with French Foxhounds which had led to the creation of the modern breed’s prototype.

This particular type of breed was the same dog that was given as a present to George Washington by Marquis de Lafayette (a wealthy Frenchman who fought with him in the American War of Independence).

The said American president was among the early developers of these dogs. In Mount Vermont, he kept a pack of American Foxhounds and bred them to French and British hounds.

American Foxhounds became increasingly popular in America. They were being bred to hunt deer and kill foxes. This breed is found primarily in large packs in the Southern and Eastern United States, where foxhunting is a favorite sport.

Traits and Behavior

American Foxhound is a hunting dog that rarely lends itself as a pure family dog. The breed is very independent, energetic and hard to turn into docile from being a tough little dog.

American Foxhound resting on the bed

It was bred to run, so they are an ideal pet for those who live in rural areas or on large farms. They can do well in smaller areas as long as they are provided with adequate exercise.

The dogs’ close association with French hounds still makes American Foxhound a breed gifted with a strong hunting instinct.

This dog also inherited the bold and confident personality from its English Foxhound ancestors. These are the reasons why they might chase small animals most especially if they live on farms.

The dog has an interest in social contact with children even those who are not really into dogs. It is friendly towards most dogs regardless of breed.

Pet Care and Diseases

The American Foxhound is generally healthy and not the kind of dog breed that carries hereditary health problems. Despite this, the dog can easily become overweight if its diet is not carefully monitored.

American Foxhound mouth open

A minor health risk is thrombocytopathy, a condition in which the platelets in the body are not functioning well that can lead to bleeding caused by just slight bumps or cuts. To identify this problem before it gets worse, blood testing is ordered by the veterinarian.

These dogs require brushing to remove dead hair but not too often. Also, bathe only when it’s needed. American Foxhounds can live outside in warm climates as long as they are provided with a decent shelter to live in and ample socialization.

Bred to hunt, the American Foxhound is always ready to hit the trail. Daily exercise, preferably long walks or a jog, is always recommended.

Allow the American Foxhound to run off a leash, but only in a safe, enclosed area. If left unsupervised or inactivated, the dog may chew or scratch objects around the house and unleash more of its other annoying dog habits. With its size, the American Foxhound is not well suited for apartment life.


When it comes to American Foxhounds, the standard height is about 21-25 inches while the standard weight is anywhere between 29-34 kg.

However, many of the American Foxhounds now that are being showcased in competitions are larger in structure, with males standing 26–29 inches and females 25–28 inches. They have smaller weights, typically between 20–29 kg.

American Foxhound sitting on the chair

The bone structure in their legs is straight and very long. Looking at their head, the muzzle is quite lengthy. They have large pair of ears that are low set with eyes that are the colors of hazel or dark brown.

The tail is set moderately high with a slight upward curve but is not turned forward over the back. The short, hard coat may be any color but combinations of black, white and tan are ubiquitous.

General Information

Life expectancy for an American foxhound is 10-12 years. One litter can have up to 12 puppies. Alternative names include Walker Foxhound Breed and Walker Breed.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to American Foxhounds. Click this link: