The Ariege Pointer breed was developed in the 19th to 20th century in France. It was first bred in the Pyrenees Mountains and foothills of Southern France, predominantly in the province of Ariege.

This breed was believed to have been bred from three different dogs, the Braque Francais or Gascogne, Braque Saint-German, and Bracco Italiano.

The hunters have introduced these dogs to the locals in Ariege, and it was there that they were combined with the local dogs to create what would become the Ariege Pointer.

The breed almost became extinct in the Second World War, but, fortunately, the hunters in the region were able to preserve them. It was then in the 1990s that a group of breeders led by Mr. Alain Deteix have devoted their work to preserving and standardizing the breed.

This breed is still not well known outside France and neighboring countries, however, they are recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the American Rare Breeds Association (ARBA).

Traits and Behavior

As hunting dogs, Ariege Pointers are versatile workers. They have boundless energy and keen focus during hunts. They are an independent breed and aren’t that affectionate. Even though they are hunting dogs, they aren’t that aggressive, making them inefficient guard dogs. But their keen eyesight and agility make them great watchdogs.

As an owner, you will find that this dog is very intelligent and are easy to train. They are very docile and rarely challenge their masters. They are generally good around other dogs, but when having an Ariege Pointer as a pet, remember that they are built to hunt anything small that moves.

So, they aren’t ideal for homes with small non-canine animals. High energy and very active, this breed is perfect for someone who enjoys long walks and runs.

Pet Care and Diseases

These high-energy dogs need a lot of exercise and activity to stay healthy. They won’t do well in enclosed spaces like apartments and would prefer a home with a yard in which they can roam around.

Ariege Pointers require at least hour-long walks or runs to stay fit. If not given adequate exercise, they tend to become agitated, anxious, and destructive. Games like fetch and runs are good for this breed.

There aren’t a lot of studies concerned with the health of the Ariege Pointer because they are generally healthy dogs. However, it is recommended that pet owners should have their pets checked up at Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).

Both of these foundations test dogs for potential health defects, which may be beneficial in controlling any disease early.

A common infection in this breed involves their ears. Regular ear cleaning should be practised. Keeping the ears dry and free from dirt is important to prevent ear infections.

On the other hand, Ariege pointers are fairly easy to groom. They don’t need any special grooming. Weekly brushing of the coat is enough for them.


Ariege pointers belong to medium to large-sized dogs. Males approximately stand at approximately 23.5 to 26.5 inches at the shoulders while females typically have 22 to 25.5 inches in height. The average Ariege pointer weighs around 55 to 66 pounds.

They generally have a well-proportioned body. This dog is mainly built for work, and thus they have developed a muscular body that is devoid of any features that can impede their work. However, they slightly have loose skin that hides their muscular build.

An Ariege Pointer’s head is usually angular and narrow at the cheekbones. Their ears are quite long and floppy and are set at eye level or lower. They have a pink or pale brown, depending on the coat.

The coat is generally short, glossy and is finer at the head and ears. Ariege has a distinct white coat with specks of color that varies from orange, brown, or fawn.

General Information

The Ariege Pointer can live up to 12-14 years. The average litter size is about 4-8 puppies. The Ariege Pointer is also known as Ariege Pointing Dog, Braque de Toulouse, and Braque de l’Ariege.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Ariege Pointer. Click this link: http://braquedelariege.free.fr/