Beauceron is one of the oldest and largest sheepdogs in France. It was developed only within the country and had never been crossed with any breed, making it a pure French dog. The name Beauceron came from Pierre Megnin, a veteran and professor of Zoology.

Beauceron in the woods

He wrote a book about war dogs and named these working dogs Beauceron. Before that time, they went by the name Bas Rogue which means red-stocking.

It’s because they have a distinct reddish-tan marking on their foot.

They greatly resemble another herding dog, Berger de Brie. Pierre Megnin founded the French Club des Amis du Beauceron (CAB), or Club of the Friends of the Beauceron, in 1911 and differentiated the two.

The long-haired Berger de Beauce became Beauceron and the short-haired Berger de Brie became Briard.

Today, Beaucerons are becoming popular inside their native country as well as the neighboring ones.

They are also showcased in dog shows. And, they excel in competitions like Herding, Tracking, Search and Rescue, and French Ring.

Traits and Behavior

This noble breed was once called ‘Country Gentleman’ by a French novelist. They exude a commanding presence and an air of elegance. They are loyal and protective towards their family but are wary and suspicious of strangers. They are also intelligent, strong and athletic. They love nothing but to work hard and take care of their family.

Beauceron jumping in the water

A Beauceron needs a confident and consistent leader. This breed is strong-willed and tends to take charge if not lead properly.

Training this breed is fairly easy for an experienced owner or trainer. This highly intelligent and independent dog is quick to learning and eager to please his owners.

Punishments should never be done when training because this dog does not tolerate any unkind behaviors, especially from strangers. Training and socialization should be done at an early age.

This territorial and protective dog is good as a watchdog. They are happy to protect their family and are not show in showing their affection.

This dog is also good with children, but its size can cause problems. Beaucerons are known for being aggressive towards animals and may try to control people by prodding and nipping. But with proper socialization and training, this can be averted.

Pet Care and Diseases

These high-energy dogs are built for hard work and herding, therefore, they require immense exercise and stimulation daily.

Beauceron walking

They need a large area to run and play, and would not take kindly to being enclosed in an apartment or kennel.

If bored or unexercised, they become destructive and aggressive. They are also susceptible to separation anxiety. It is not best for them to left alone often.

Like most working dogs, Beaucerons doesn’t require any special grooming. Regular bathing, nail trimming and teeth cleaning will suffice. Brushing is also needed when the dog sheds their coat.

This breed is generally healthy with a life span of up to 11 years.

However, they are prone to various diseases like Canine Hip Dysplasia, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Osteochondrosis dissecans, and bloat.


Beaucerons are a large breed. They stand at about 25.5 to 27.5 inches with the females generally shorter. They usually weigh around 70 to 100 pounds.

Beauceron close up

The breed’s coat is composed of two layers. The outer coat is long, coarse, thick, and colored black and tan or black, tan and grey.

The undercoat is shorter and isn’t visible under its outer coat. It has a woolly texture and is usually a mousy-grey color.

A Beauceron has a long, chiselled head that is parallel and with its muzzle. Its black nose is in line with the upper lip, which tightly overlaps the lower lip.

Its oval and horizontal eyes can be dark brown to dark hazel.  Its ears are set up high and can be natural or cropped. Natural ears appear short, flat and maybe half-pricked or dropped.

When they’re cropped, they should stand upright and point forward. Overall, this breed is muscular and powerful but at the same time fit and graceful.

General Information

The estimated lifespan of the Beauceron is about 10-13 years. The average litter size is approximately 6-7 puppies. Other names include Berger de Beauce and Bas-Rouge.

Beauceron side view

Breed Club

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