The Bohemian Shepherd dog is an old sheepdog breed, also known as Chodský Pes and is native in South Africa.

Bohemian Shepherd in the garden

The dog has been around for so long since the 1300′s and was used to guard southern borders and homes in the Czech area.

It is believed that they are the predecessor to the German Shepherd as they have the same blood.

The locals in the Czech area referred to the dog as ‘Chodove’, and used it for patrolling duties, herding and to drive and protect the cattle from predators.

In 1984, a new breeding program exclusive for this dog has made about 3000 puppies and it instantly helped the breed to gain recognition by CMKU.

The dog is still waiting to be recognized by the major kennel clubs, internationally.

Traits and Behavior

The temperament of Bohemian Shepherds depends highly on the trainer. Experienced trainers can produce good-tempered, playful dogs, while inexperienced can produce aggressive and fearful temperaments. With good training, Bohemian Shepherds are extremely loyal, affectionate, playful, inquisitive, and at times, clownish.

Bohemian Shepherd sitting on grass

This highly affectionate dog can become overly attached to their family, which can be bad since this dog often develops separation anxiety.

Normally, Bohemian Shepherds are wary around strangers. However, modern Bohemian Shepherds (with proper training) are friendly and would welcome a new friend eagerly.

Training is of utmost importance to this dog since they are excitable and would tend to jump at people. Their keen sense makes them good watchdogs; however, their friendliness makes them unreliable guard dogs.

Bohemian Shepherds can display aggression towards other dogs and non-canine animals, therefore socialization should be done as soon as possible.

Most Bohemian Shepherds (not all) are highly intelligent and can be taught complex tasks. However, their stubbornness can prove to be a challenge.

They can choose to ignore commands and it would take a huge amount of effort to make them follow. This dog is resistant and headstrong against corrections, however, they respond well towards reward-based training.

This highly playful dog loves to roll around in the mud and would not be a good match for people who are easily embarrassed or are meticulously clean. Owners should expect to clean after their pets constantly.

Pet Care and Diseases

The exercise needs of these high energy dogs are easily met. This makes them good as house or apartment pets.

Bohemian Shepherd close up

Regular playtime and daily walks are sufficient for Bohemian Shepherds.

They also like fetching, playing with children and jogging. These mild-tempered dogs are quite happy to just stay at home and curl up beside its owner.

This breed’s grooming requirements can be met by an average person, too. Their curly fur needs weekly combing to prevent matting.

They also need trimming every two months to maintain that healthy-looking coat.

Bohemian Shepherds are a fairly healthy breed. However, they are prone to hip dysplasia, primary lens luxation – dislocation of the lens, entropion – folding inward of the eyelid, ectropion – folding outward of the eyelid, chronic ear infection, and bloat.


The Bohemian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog that looks very similar to a small, long-coated German Shepherd. It typically stands around 22 inches at the withers and weighs about 35-55 pounds

Bohemian Shepherd in the field

With an impressive body that is strong, dense and well proportioned, its body structure gives it an impressive appearance showcasing power, agility and immense stamina.

The head remains in proportion to the size of the body with almond-shaped eyes. The eyes are usually in dark brown giving it a pleasant and confident expression. It has a high set, small, pointed, erect ears and a long elegant neckline.

It also possesses a strong and long jaw with scissor bite teeth. Their muzzles are long and jut out much like other shepherd dog breeds.

The oval-shaped chest of the dog reaches the level of elbows and the tail is well furred that hangs down every time.

The body of the dog is covered with Long thick fur and a rich undercoat that allows him to survive in harsh weather. It usually comes in black and tan colors. The young puppy does not show its true colors unless it attains the age of about 6 to 7 years.

General Information

The estimated life expectancy for this breed is about 12-15 years. The average litter size is approximately 2-6 puppies. Other names include Chodský Pes, Czech Sheepdog, Bohemian Herder and Chodenhund.

Breed Club

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