The Carpathian Shepherd Dogs are from Romania. They are excellent guard dogs for flocks and are being used by the Romanian shepherds for many centuries.

Carpathian Shepherd Dog in the lawn

They were chosen out of a breed that is endemic in the Carpathians as well as in the Danube regions. For centuries, the features of this breed remained untouched until now because of the major reason which is its utility.

The first standard of this breed was expounded in 1934 by The National Zootechnical Institute and was revised and restructured in 1982, 1999 and 2001 by the Romanian Kennel Club.

Also, their technical administration has amended this standard on March 30, 2002, which corresponds to the pattern created by the Federation Cynologique Internationale.

Traits and Behavior

The Carpathian shepherd dogs are agile, calm, noble and harmonious dogs. They seem to believe that they are commendable of great appreciation and the owners will comply with this.

Carpathian Shepherd Dog in the mountain

They are fit for owners who are seeking a serious, solemn dog who somewhat disappears in the surroundings until they are called to work.

Because these dogs were born as watchdogs, they are remarkable for their natural and unconditional commitment to the flocks as well as to their masters.

The family should establish a pack leader position since they naturally seek an order with their pack.

This is important so that they can cooperate with their leader and receive commands from them. This way, you will have a successful relationship with the dogs.

Pet Care and Diseases

There are no known genetic diseases in Carpathian shepherd dogs.

Carpathian Shepherd Dog profile

They are also quite resistant to diseases and can thrive in different climatic changes.

The Carpathian shepherd dogs are not recommended to live in an apartment.

They require a life outdoors so they must be placed in a place that has enough space in the surroundings.

They have an all-weather coat that enables them to live as well as sleep outdoors. Occasional brushing will also be beneficial for these dogs.

Additionally, these dogs require physical exercise. They should have a regular, long walk and they must have a safe and large space like a yard so that they can run free.


The Carpathian Shepherd dogs are moderately large-sized, agile and never heavy. They have the general appearance of being such an n energetic dog. Their bodies are rectangular, their croup is wide and slightly sloping.

Carpathian Shepherd Dog sitting on the grass

Their chests are deep and large and their shoulders are long as well as slightly inclined.

They have a well-defined sexual dimorphism. Also, the males must be stronger and taller compared with the females. They stand for approximately 25 to 29 inches and weigh about 32 to 45 kg.

Additionally, these dogs are mesocephalic and they have a wolfish, strong head. Their forehead is wide and slightly bent and their eyes are almond-shaped with a dark brown color.

Their nose is always black, big and broad and their muzzle is sturdy with a shape of a shortened cone. They have thick lips that are adherent, very well edged and strongly pigmented.

The Carpathian shepherd dog has an abundant, straight and rough coat with a soft and dense undercoat. Their colors include sandy that has various shades which are frequently lighter at the sides as well as darker over their body.

It has a bushy tail that is set high when they are alert or in action, but it’s straight and held dropped when at rest.

General Information

The Carpathian shepherd dog has a life expectancy of approximately 12 to 14 years depending on the owner’s care.

The average litter size is 4-10 puppies. Other names include Ciobănesc Românesc Carpatin, Romanian Shepherd, Romanian Carpathian Shepherd, Câine Ciobănesc Carpatin, Carpathian Sheepdog, Romanian Carpatin Herder, and Rumanian Carpathian.