The Cierny Sery is a new type of breed which existed in the 20th century and was developed by Czechoslovakian breeders coming from the familial descent of German shepherd, Belgian shepherd, and the Schnauzer.

Cross-bred for military purposes, the Cierny Sery, whose appearance is in solid black color, are excellent watchdogs and companions. These dogs can be found mostly in parts of Slovakia Republic and are carry many names like Black Slovak shepherd, Black Sherry, and Slovak shepherd.

It took a while for this breed to be recognized by the international kennel clubs. However, in 2001, their kind of breed stock was finally registered and given the name Cierny Sery, which means a separate breed.

Traits and Behavior

The Cierny Sery were bred to be working dogs. Before, the breeder desired to increase the dog’s amount of abilities and skills for them to be efficient guard dogs in military posts.

They are intelligent, loyal and dedicated to their owners and training and coaching is not much of a hassle. They love the company of people and they tend to be well-attached to children, too. Reported to be soft-tempered dogs, they are openly affectionate and can be considered excellent family pets.

This breed can get along with other animals as long as they have been exposed or have been trained to socialize during their puppy years. Non-canine aggressive dogs are one thing that is admirable in their character.

However, this type is also fond of going outdoors which are running, walking, chasing or even digging up things. If one is planning to own this type of breed, it is advisable to have a large fence yard to allow the dog to undergo extreme exercises.

Pet Care and Diseases

This dog is a heavy shredder; regular brushing of its hairs, using a firm bristled one, is strongly recommended. Except for their grooming requirements, they have the advantage of keeping them in low-maintenance conditions.

Because of their coated hair that produces natural oils to protect them in any weather conditions, bathing is not necessary as the coat covering is sufficient to allow to easily dust off all dirt.  For wirehaired dogs, regular hair trimmings will be needed especially on areas on the face, mouth and toes.

These dogs need daily routine exercises like running or long walks. They can also be good jogging companions if the owner wishes to bring them along.

There are no known major health problems with this type.


Known for its solid black color, this dog appears similar to German shepherds though less in body structure. They stand about 59 – 67cm in height in withers and weigh about 25 – 30kg. It has several coat layers, namely Short (double coat), Long (longer on ears and tail, double coat), and Rough double-coat with moustache and barb; the texture should be hard and dense.

To some, they appear black with white and brown markings on the chest, eye rim, and belly area. Its facial features appear to be in a wolf-like appearance, the muzzle is straight and the nose is well-developed and in black color. Its ears appear triangular, pricked up and are a bit long.

General Information

Its life expectancy goes around 12-15 years. This breed has a litter size of approximately 5 puppies. Other names include Black Sherry, Slovak Shepherd, Slovak Shepherd Dog, Black Slovak Shepherd and Black Slovak Shepherd Dog.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Cierny Serys. Click this link: http://www.ciernysery.eu/