The Rough Collie, one of the two versions of the Collie breed (another version: Smooth Collie), is a long-coated dog of the herding type. Its exact origins are unknown.

Rough Collie house background

The etymology of the name of the breed itself is still under debate.

The name has been spelt in many different ways such as Coll, Colley, Coally and Coaly. The term may trace to the Gaelic word càilean or the Irish word cóilean, both meaning ‘dog’.

However, the most accepted origin of the word is Coll, which is the Anglo-Saxon word for ‘black’.

Since the 18th century, its native home has been the highlands of Scotland. These dogs had been used for hundreds of years to herd and guard flocks of sheep.

In the 1800s, the Collie became so popular as a show dog among English fanciers. The breed was first exhibited in 1860 at the Birmingham, England dog show.

The Collie was then transported to America in the year 1879. The Collie was recognized by the AKC in 1885.

Traits and Behavior

The Rough Collie is a multi-talented breed that is highly trainable during its puppy years. They are naturally alert, active and playful with their master.

Rough Collie tongue out

They possess a higher intelligence so much that they can easily obey commands use for hunting methods, chase, track and guard an animal or object.

They may aggressively attack anyone or anything that are a stranger to them.

However, they are loyal and have an admirable trait of cooperating and learning new tricks and tasks.

Socialization is a must during their younger years to avoid any rebellious and dominant trait.

They are well-suited to run, roam around and walk on extensive grounds.

Further, their ability for running knows no bounds for they can run for long hours and longer miles without any sign of being tired because they have good stamina.

Pet Care and Diseases

This dog is a heavy shedder so regular combing or brushing is necessary. However, bathing may not be required since it produces natural oil protection that can easily leave off the dirt. They are reported to shed at least twice a year so owners must prepare to regularly clean their places for falling hair.

They are active dogs and, therefore, need regular exercise, whether running or taking long walks. This breed is built of good stock and is generally healthy. They can live a long life, provided that they are well-fed and maintained.

Rough Collie profile


Male Rough Collies may stand around 22-26 inches at the withers; the female averages 2 inches shorter. The males are usually in the weight range of 55-105 pounds while the females are usually 5 to 10 pounds less.

Rough Collies in the US, in some instances, may go beyond 100 pounds.USA and UK standards may differ. The UK standard calls for dogs to be significantly smaller than those under the AKC.

Rough Collie lying on the grass

Aside from the Rough Collie (long-haired), there is also another type of Collie–the Smooth Collie (short-haired).The Rough Collie has a rich, unswerving outer coat that is harsh when touched, and a soft, fluffy undercoat.

On the other hand, the Smooth Collie has a short, dense, flat outer coat with a thick undercoat. Both varieties shed moderately.

The coat of this particular breed comes in 4 colors such as black or sable, tricolor (black with white markings and tan shadings), blue merle (silvery blue and black), and white (predominately white with markings).

General Information

The Rough Collie can live for as long as  14-16 years. The average litter size is 2-8 puppies. Other names include Collie, Scottish Collie, Scottish Shepherd, Long-Haired Collie, English collie and Lassie dog.

The Collie is well known for its role in the movie “Lassie,” featuring a rough-coated Collie as the main character.

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