The Kangal dogs were known to be flock guardian dogs in the district of Kangal from the province of Sivas, Turkey. They guard livestock of sheep from wolves, jackals and bears.

Kangal Dog resting on the grass

In many years, the Kangal dogs had lived to serve for their working ability as excellent guard dogs of property, family and livestock.

The location of the district had kept the breed from crossbreeding with other dogs to which it had retained its vibrant appearance, characteristics and behavior.

The Turkey government had even named the Kangal dogs as their National dog which eventually made the breed achieved popularity among other enthusiast breeders and dog owners.

These dogs were also featured in some Turkish post stamps and coins in honor of their national dog. It was later in 1999 that the Kangal breed was recognized by the United Kingdom Kennel Club.

Traits and Behavior

Like most livestock guardian dogs, they are well-mannered and people-oriented that displays full loyalty to their owners or trainers. These dogs are known to be gentle with children and have a fondness to be affectionate to the people who tend care to for them.

As guard dogs, they possess a great amount of strength, courage and ability to attack predators who wish to hover around their territory.

Kangal Dog big rock background

In another sense, the Kangal dogs are highly intelligent and quick to respond in training and task. However, training may conduct a careful atmosphere as they are very sensitive to criticism.

These dogs are also independent thinkers which drive them in their mind frame as being an alpha dog in a pack. Therefore, it is greatly advised that trainers should approach firm, calm leadership in their training sessions.

Kangal Dog blue background

Pet Care and Diseases

The Kangal dogs are seasonal heavy shedders that recommend in that particular time to have regular brushing or combing to remove dead and loose hairs. These dogs only need little grooming and can be easily taken care of with no use of professional needs.

Kangal Dog profile

Like many large dogs, they also need daily exercises like walking, running or engaging with work.

Since it is in their nature to be working dogs, movements and other activities are deeply recommended to maintain their functionality and appropriate behavior.

Kangal dogs are generally healthy and hearty which no known cases of health problems were recorded.

As to its history, the location of the breed had allowed the maintenance of its character, appearance and also with its healthy condition.


Appearing large, bony and muscular Mastiff typed dogs; they are no wonder that these dogs are relatively had a large head, and moderately wide, dropped ears. Standard Kangal dogs have height in withers about 77-86 cm and a weight of about 55-66 kg.

Kangal Dog close up

Distinctive features of the Kangal dogs are usually their black mask, black velvety ears, and their typical curly tail.

Kangal dogs have a short, dense double coat that serves as protection from any weather conditions and a soft gray-colored undercoat. Double coat colors can display from pale fawn to grey dun.

General Information

These dogs have an average life span of 12-15 years.  The litter size is approximately 5-10 puppies.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Kangal Dogs. Click this link: http://www.kangalclub.com/