The records of the Maremma sheepdog are as early as the Roman century. The literal English translation of its name means “the dog of the shepherds of the Maremma and Abruzzese region”.

Maremma Sheepdog beside rocks

These are the regions in which this dog breed is abundant and sheep herding is their primary use especially against wolves who are active predators.

They are related to dog breeds of Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Kuvasz of Hungary, Tatra of Poland and Cuvac of Slovakia.

With Italy as its origin, this dog breed was thought to be the result of a crossbreed between The Shepherd dog of Maremma and The Shepherd Dog of Abruzzi.

This type of dog has long been utilized for migration that ran for centuries. They are commonly used for protection or as guard dogs against certain predators of sheep.

They are also widely used as livestock guardian dogs in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Traits and Behavior

The Maremma sheepdog has a friendly and well-balanced personality making it a good choice as a flock guardian and a perfect companion dog. This dog is well-liked for being sober and dignified as well as being loyal, brave and determined.

Maremma Sheepdog close up

This type of dog is however independent so proper training at an early age is recommended. A calm, firm, confident and consistent manner of approach is important for the dog to listen and obey.

The intelligence it possesses requires the need for mutual respect especially with handling and consistency.

The alert type, the Maremma sheepdog will communicate discomfort through a growl or a bite.

They are good with children and they are marvellous lovers of their work. This is not the recommended breed for beginners.

Pet Care and Diseases

This is not the type of dog for apartment living and adequate exercise must be given even when indoors. A bored Maremma sheepdog may get restless or aggressive so daily activities are considered very important.

Maremma Sheepdog profile

They need a large yard since they are accustomed to wide-open spaces but they can sleep indoors however they are not suitable for very warm weather.

Plenty of water and lots of shade should be provided on days like these.

Daily walks and runs are necessary. These should be long, walks around the block wouldn’t do.

Its coat needs frequent combing and brushing daily to remove mats and dirt. Shedding is also common so frequent bathing should be provided with the right soap or shampoo.

It doesn’t have common health problems neither does any reports are given.


This is one of those massive dog types with a height of 65 to 73 cm or 25.5 to 28.5 inches and a weight of 35 to 45 kg or 77 to 99 lbs. Its noble appearance gives it distinction with its bear-like head.

Maremma Sheepdog group

The head is conically shaped with a larger proportion than the body. The length of the muzzle is slightly shorter than the skull without the snippiness.

The jaws are powerful with a scissor-type of bite. It has a black nose that becomes pink-brown with ageing.

The V-shaped ears are small and pointed. They have bright and lively eyes thus giving them a smart impression. The tail is thickly feathered and low.

The Maremma Sheepdog has a harsh abundance of hair with a dense undercoat. The colors include markings of ivory, pale orange and light yellow around the ears.

General Information

This is a hardy dog with a life expectancy of 11 to 13 years. The litter size is about 6-9 puppies. The Maremma is also known by the other name which is Maremmano.