The Chien Français Blanc et Orange (French White and Orange Hound) is a breed of dog of the scenthound type that has its roots in France.

This breed is one of the three breeds composing the Chien Francais or French Hounds. The other two breeds include the Chien Francais Blanc et Noir (French Black and White Hound) and Chien Francais Tricolore (French Tricolor Hound).

All of these breeds share a similar history. The French Hounds were developed by mixing French and English hound breeds that are now considered extinct.

According to some experts, the Chien Français Blanc et Orange was a cross between Billy and other dog breeds. This breed is used by many fanciers for hunting purposes.

Traits and Behavior

The Chien Français Blanc et Orange breed are dependable canines. They are affectionate and are eager to impress and get attention from humans. As they are trained to be hunting dogs, they will mostly like to be on their toes sniffing outdoors, running or walking around its premises.

Further, they love to chase around vermin and other small animals as long as it is within their reach. They are intelligent dogs, easily trainable to new tricks or specific tasks. These hounds can be territorial and so can serve as watchdogs.

They are good at finding scents; therefore, it is best that during their puppy years objects that may smell, like garbage bins, should be taken out from their presence as they may track this out and tinker and tear apart the odorous object. They also have a loud barking voice which is beneficial in alerting owners of anyone arriving at their home.

With proper training, they can be companions and good watchdogs for young children. They are also playful and can be entertaining. If not being able to play or exert exercises, these hounds tend to be destructive such that they love chewing, eating or making much mess.

Pet Care and Diseases

These hounds don’t require much grooming. Its coat can be brushed using a firm bristled brush or a rubdown using a dry towel. Since the dog can be used for hunting, it is needed for them to completely dry out to prevent from catching chills and colds.

Their ears must be regularly checked for infection and mucous plugs that may cause bulging of the tympanic membrane. These dogs may tend to experience bloating in their stomach. It is, therefore, necessary that they are given easily digestible food.

Alert and active as they can be, owners should provide them daily routine exercises. Serious health problems of the Chien Français Blanc et Orange are hip dysplasia, degenerative disk disease, arthritis, congenital heart disease and skin allergies.


The Chien Francais Blanc et Orange is a Scenthound breed of dog that has a powerful appearance. Males typically weigh around 50-80 pounds and stand between 24½-28½ inches. Females on the other hand weigh around 50-80 pounds and stand a little bit shorter than males.

These dogs have long legs, domed head, and long ears that are often bent. The eyes are medium in size and light in color. The nose is black, while the tail is thin and long. The color of the coat is white and orange and should never appear to be red.

General Information

The average lifespan of a Chien Français Blanc et Orange is approximately 12-15 years. The average litter size is about 3-8 puppies. This breed is also called French White and Orange Hound, White and Orange French Hound and Francais Blanc et Orange.