The Dunker was developed by a Norwegian dog breeder, Wilhelm Dunker, in the 1820s and by whose name was given to this breed. Wilhelm wanted to create a scent hound and so, he cross-bred the Anglo-Russian hound or otherwise known as Harlequin hound and the local indigenous hounds abundant in Norway.

dunker mountain background

The resulting breed is a dog with much endurance and stamina for hunting rabbits, hares, and other animals using their sense of smell. Its rarity as a scent–hound dog was recognized by the  Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Traits and Behavior

Dunkers are energetic dogs, even-tempered, and friendly especially with kids when these dogs have been trained well during their puppy stage.

When they are not trained, the natural behavior of these dogs tends to be free-spirited and independent as their breeding instinct was designed as a hunting dog. Therefore, owning this type, the owner should muster much effort in engaging this dog to obey commands and to learn how to mingle with people and other house pets.

When properly trained, these dogs can dwell harmoniously in environments that have limited spaces, such as in apartment dwellings. They can also easily adapt to different kinds of terrain.

Pet Care and Diseases

There are no known genetic diseases of the Dunker breed. However, there are reports that some may suffer from hip dysplasia. Although in recent years, deafness has been noted, about 75% of them, and has been examined as unilaterally or bilaterally deaf.

Since they are made up of short coat covering and, therefore, are average shedders, less maintenance is required on them but occasional brushing of their coats, bathing them when they are dirtied, especially when they are on a hunting spree, or just a simple rubdown with a damp cloth to remove dirt and mud.

Because of a big tendency for these dogs to turn deaf, owners must take them to the vet for regular check-ups to take cautious measures on what to do.

Since these dogs have active lives and exude much energy, the dog owners must provide them with a well-defined feeding program. Regular exercises like running in open and large spaces and daily walks are necessary for these dogs to be kept always on their toes.


This breed shows an impression of a strongly built dog even if medium-sized. A male Dunker stands around 19-21 inches while a female stands around 18-20 inches. Both genders can weigh as much as 25-39 pounds. It possesses a slightly domed skull and a square muzzle.

The facial features show dark round eyes with a serious expression and ears which have round tips that hang close to the head. Its coat covering is thick, straight, and rough to touch. Coats come in two varieties, the blue coat with marbled patterns and the tan color. This breed is recognized for its unique and distinct coat coloring. The tail is slightly straight and has a thick coat at the base.

General Information

The Dunker can live approximately 10-11 years. A litter could go from 1 up to 10 puppies. This breed is also known as the Norwegian Hound.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Dunkers. Click this link: http://www.dunkerringen.org/