Azawakh belongs to the oldest thoroughbred that came from Mali in Africa more than 1000 years ago. The breed is referred to as “Aidi n’Ailluli “, meaning ‘Noble Dogs of the Free People’. They have been bred by the numerous nomadic tribes of the Southern Sahara as hunting and guard dogs, as well as companions.

One of these tribes was the Tuareg, thus the Azawakh breed is also called ”Tuareg Sloughi“. The Tuaregs are nomadic people who live in the Sahel region in southern Sahara. The breed is primarily bred as a guard dog, only secondarily as a hunting dog on gazelles and other small game.

Azawakh sitting on grass

The first dogs came to Europe in the late 1960s.  Judging from their looks or physical features, the Azawakh’s closest ancestors are the Sloughi and Saluki. The Azawakh breed made its debut in America in the 1980s and was then recognized by the United Kennel Club on January 1, 1993.

Traits and Behavior

An Azawakh is so fast that it can catch a gazelle, a hare or wild sheep. So brave that it scares even large predators. Persevering as a camel and beautiful like an Arab horse.

Azawakh side view

A character of the breed’s hunting methods that differentiates it from the other greyhounds, is that these dogs never even kill wildlife. This would in their natural home environment leads to the abandoned animal meat would begin to decay due to the high temperatures.

The breed is also in contrast to most other greyhounds pin persevering. Despite this, it is not the breed’s hunting skills, which are appreciated highest of the Tuareg, but in contrast to its features like a watchdog.

A small elite among the Tuareg, after all, still valued the dog’s hunting skills.

The breed guard and defense instinct are very strong and the breed is also often of “Dog World” characterized as a “warrior class, however.”

Compared with the other greyhounds one must say that the breed has a very strong hunting instinct, so the neighbor’s cat or poodle will live on, if not Azawakhens owner has full control over the very fast greyhound.

Azawakhen is a very special and proud dog. It is considered by the Tuareg as a close friend, almost like a family. Azawakhen is a very attentive dog, but also a very independent dog.

The breed is aloof with strangers. Across from her family and those it knows, it is very mild, loving and affectionate.

Both males and females feel a strong need to protect the family’s children, so one has to be careful and prudent when children play together in Azawakhens vicinity.

The breed will defend its owner’s interests without hesitation, whether it comes to the house, the car, the kids or your shoes! Will, there be strangers, it will give notice of its distinctive Azawakh whistling.

Azawakh by the beach

It does not like other dogs, but howls. It will not let strangers come onto the property unless the owner clearly expresses that it is in order.

Continuous socialization right from the puppy stage with both people and other animals is very important if Azawakhen should be a good family dog.

The breed is characterized today as very rare and peculiar. It is not a breed that fits like a family dog ​​for a beginner.

This is a race for the further future. Nor is it a distinctly byhund, it will not fit into a small city apartment.

A two-meter high fence is no barrier to Azawakh, it could climb such a fence like that. You should have plenty of space so that Azawakhen can be allowed to run free as often as possible.

Pet Care and Diseases

Typically known as a healthy and hearty breed, they have no specific health problems that are hereditary. Azawakh have no known incidence of hip dysplasia as well. However, the following health concerns have been also reported in few dogs of the same breed:

  • Adult-onset idiopathic epilepsy
  • Wobbler disease or cervical vertebral instability
Azawakhs in the park

Azawakh does not require much care daily, but in return, you require a lot of time training and activation. The dogs can not settle for walks on a leash and should like to have an outlet for both their hunting instinct and the urge to run several times a week.


The breed should give the impression of elegance and with his long legs instill a refined overall impression. The legs and muscles must be clear in fine and dry skin. Azawakh can run up to 65 miles an hour and is extremely durable.

Azawakh with red scarf

The breed pattern of movement is one of the most distinctive features. It must offer an easy and flexible overall impression of springy gallop and be agile and energetic movements in both trot and ordinary time.

Azawakh breed is a medium-sized dog and typically weighs between 15-25 kg.

General Information

Life expectancy for this breed is about 12-14 years. The average litter size is 3-7 puppies. The Azawakh is also known as the Aidi n’Ailluli, African Hound, Idi, Hanshee, Oska, Rawondu, Bareeru, Wulo, and (formerly) Tuareg Sloughi.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Azawakhs. Click this link: www.azawakhs.org/