Miniature Bull terriers were formed from tough animals. Their early ancestors have fought in violent combats; their families were set against other ferocious animals as well as against each other. Around the 1800s, crosses between the Old English Terrier and the Bulldog created a skilful fighting dog which is recognized as the BullTerrier.

Bull Terrier (Miniature) walking

In the 1800s, dog shows have become a trend. However, the Bull Terrier was disregarded. The dog’s involvement with a dubious group of people as well as their lack of smart looks triggered those dog show aficionados to doubt the breed.

As a result, several Bull Terrier supporters began to choose for the dog’s appearance through crossing the breed with White English Terriers and Dalmatians.

It was so successful that the Bull Terriers became a sophisticated fashion statement for men. The succeeding crosses with those Staffordshire terriers resulted in the return of the breed’s color and some variations with their size.

Bull Terrier (Miniature) at the beach

In addition, interest in the miniature type of this breed has escalated slowly. Even though this dog was acclaimed to be a breed from England in the early 1930s, it wasn’t until the American Kennel Club in 1991 acknowledged the Miniature Bull Terrier. It’s surprising to know, but this breed will surely capture your heart when you have one.

Traits and Behavior

Similar to its cousin which is the Bull Terrier, Miniature Terriers are playful, lively and comical. But, their small size will not make their lapdogs. They are independent, persistent, curious and they also need a firm but gentle master. They are also devoted and sweet but they’re not that flattering.

Bull Terrier (Miniature) white and blue background

The Miniature Terriers excel with all types of informal as well as organized canine activities. They love to walk, they have outstanding agility and they are obedient. That is if you know how to influence them.

They also need fair, firm and constant training starting from an early age so that they will know the boundaries that are required when living together with people.

They will be able to perfectly comprehend the activities that can be applied indoors and outdoors given that they will have a lot of exercises as well as stimulation for their alert minds.

Additionally, these dogs are also cheerful and active playmates for the children. However, they can be too much high-spirited for toddlers.

It can also be compatible with the other dogs of their size or those that are bigger but smaller pets like cats might start their prey drive and they might hunt and kill them when they can.

When these dogs are not in the mood for vigorous activities, they are likely to play with their favored squeaky toy and entertain you through doing executing tricks.

When they are already exhausted from doing their activities, they will curl up on your side at the couch while you’re watching TV.

Pet Care and Diseases

Bull Terrier (Miniature) on the couch

The Miniature Bull Terriers have a soft coat that requires just minimum grooming.

They only need a quick brush once every week to prevent the shedding of their hair. In addition, their ears must be kept clean, their teeth should be brushed and their nails must also be trimmed. This dog doesn’t need a lot of concern.

Also, since these dogs are people-loving, they should live together with the owner inside the house.

They will be miserable when they are being kept in a backyard that has only a little or even no human interaction.

They may also have an occasional minor health problem like lens luxation, and glaucoma as well as major concerns like deafness.

They are likely to have kidney problems so it is recommended to visit a veterinarian and have a regular check-up to prevent them from having it or treat a current problem earlier.

These dogs can live a long life depending on how they are taken care of.


The Miniature Bull Terrier moves with a free and easy gait. It is a big-boned, strongly-built, square-proportioned and muscular dog. It has a lot of physical characteristics that are the same as its cousin. These include strong jaws, bones and muscles. They also have a flat, harsh and short coat with as well skin that is tightly fitted.

Bull Terrier (Miniature) lying on the grass

As their name implies, this breed is a Bull Terrier that is miniature, they stand for about 10-14 inches tall and weigh around 25-33 pounds. They have a lengthy oval head which looks like an egg most especially in those white variety.

They have tiny and thin ears that point upward as well as small black eyes that have a sharp glint. Their petite tail which is thick at its base and narrows to a slender point is carried at a straight level.

Bull Terrier (Miniature) side view

In addition, its smooth and short coat may be colored or just plain white. The standard breed of the Miniature Bull Terrier has no specifications regarding the weight. However, it must be proportional to the height of the dog.

General Information

The estimated life of a Bull Terrier (Miniature) is 9-12 years. The maximum litter size is 1-9 puppies (average of 5). This breed of dog is also known as Mini Bullies.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Miniature Bull Terriers. Click this link: