The Cesky Fousek dogs are abundant in places in the Czech and Slovakian Republics. They are known to be good hunting buddies and are skilful in sniffing tracks of animals or prey. Considered as wirehaired, pointing dogs, they work in assisting hunters in finding and retrieving dead animals. They easily adapt to work on indefinite climatic changes and locations.

Cesky Fousek close up

During World War I, the Czech Republic was at war and on the brink of European conflicts. This scenario was a significant factor in the near extinction of this breed.

Extensive efforts were done by the Czech government to preserve these dogs. The so-called regeneration breeding process led to the experimentation of the original specimen with other breeds and later evolved into a newly, regenerated hunting dogs.

Traits and Behavior

Since Cesky Fousek dogs are known for their hunting abilities, they exude intelligence so that they are easy to be trained and are capable of learning tricks and specific tasks.

Cesky Fousek tongue out

However, these dogs are quite responsive to criticisms and, thus, only respond best to reward plays.

With their dedication to work with their owners, they possess loyalty and obedience that translate into a willingness to cooperate. With proper training at a young age, the Cesky dogs are harmless to young children.

Due to their instinctive nature for hunting, they show much energy when outdoors or on play activities that require chasing and digging on things.

These dogs are playful around people and can be entertaining.

However, they do not function well when left isolated by the family. In terms of living conditions, these dogs need a large backyard for them to roam around, exercise like running or walking. In small dwelling areas, they easily become destructive to household things like chewing and making a mess.

Pet Care and Diseases

These breeds of dogs are comfortable in many variant types of climactic places such that low maintenance of grooming is needed. Its coat is relatively suitable for any weather conditions so they need less bathing when necessary since their coats contain oils that serve as protection.

Cesky Fousek resting on grass

When brushing their coats, a firm bristled brush must be used and done regularly to keep away tangled hairs on the chest, and neck part.

Sometimes, a piece of towel is used to leave off the coat from gleaming. Because the dog has ears hanging loosely, regular checking and cleaning inside of the ear should be considered for infection or mucous plugs that may cause bulging of the tympanic membrane. 

Dog’s feet pads must be cleaned as well as its nails cut short. After the hunting activity, they must be completely dry to prevent them from catching colds and chills. This dog is a moderate shredder.

For routine exercise daily, on top of the hunting season, the dog must be taken outdoors for long walks each day to keep himself from boredom and to allow a good flow of circulation throughout the body.

Since the dog has been carefully rebreeding by the Czech for hunting, they have been no reports of serious health conditions that may have arisen to dog distemper as the dog ages. However, alopecia or balding will eventually take place as the dog greatly advances in age.


They are medium-sized, pointing dogs with great endurance and efficiency in hunting and preying. Its facial features resemble that of men’s beard and moustache because of the massive hair display around its muzzle and mouth area.

Cesky Fousek biting a ball

They stand about 60-66 cm and weigh about 28-34kg. Their coats have three different layers which allow for adaptability and flexibility to withstand different temperature conditions. The long undercoat acts as a protective covering from atmospheric moisture and cold climate.

The topcoat is for closefitting while the straight, coarse bristled hair is found on the chest, back, groin and shoulders. Body colors mostly seen are brown without markings, brown with markings on the chest and dark roan. Ears are hanging loosely on both sides. Eyes are almond in shape and dark brown in color.

Cesky Fousek side view

General Information

Its life expectancy is around 12-15 years. The average litter size is about 5-7 puppies. Other names include Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon, Rough-coated Bohemian Pointer and Barbu tchèque.

Breed Club

Visit these dog club websites dedicated to Cesky Fouseks. Click this link: