Brought about by cross-breeding the Scottish terrier and Sealyham, the Cesky Terrier is a new breed developed by a Czechoslovakian Frantisek Horak in 1949. The canine was created to chase down vermin and other small animals that hide under small holes or areas in houses.

Cesky Terrier grass background

According to Horak, he believed that this dog is easy to manage, very persevering and delights in hunting seasons.

Although this terrier appears small in size, has a narrow head and chest with an extensive amount of undercoat hairs, it is intelligent and can diligently perform hunting, tracking and being a watchdog.

In the 1980s, the number of Cesky terrier had greatly decreased to a point that the recent, newer breed of dogs is no longer as close in features and skills from the original kind.

Breeders in the USA made a significant contribution in producing another set of Cesky Terrier cross-breeding again with Sealyham terriers.

Traits and Behavior

This new breed was designed for convenient hunting purposes; a Cesky terrier is loyal and obedient to its owner. While at a tender age this dog should be exposed to socialize with other dogs and animals as well as with people, so as not to become wary of strangers.

They love to be around people especially young children in which way they act friendly and approachable. The Cesky terriers are intelligent and are easily trained. They manage well in new environments, with people and even with other animals.

Cesky Terrier black

Pet Care and Diseases

Due to their long-haired undercoat, this needs to be trimmed down regularly. The dog must be given a bath at least once every two weeks during warm conditions while once in a month for cold conditions.

Further, the undercoat needs regular combing or brushing to prevent any tangling hairs. Since the terrier is used also for hunting, it must be completely dry after the hunting activity is done to prevent it from chills and colds.

Cesky Terrier side view

The terrier needs to exercise daily like running or walking. They may be small but they can be good jogging companions. Its most common health problem involves injuries of the knees which is caused by extreme activities.


The Cesky terrier appears to be small in size, short-legged but moderately long in body length.

Cesky Terrier front view

They stand about 27-35cm in length of withers and weighs around 6-8 kg. Its facial features present a bushy beard, moustache and eyebrows.

Its wavy silky coat falls off around the legs and stomach and comes in various body colors such as blue-grey, gray, white, yellow or light coffee brown.

The nose appears black in blue-gray dogs, while a different color like liver-colored for light coffee brown dogs. Ears are long and triangular folding forward close to the head.

For newly born puppies, its color appears to be darker like black or dark brown up until they reach about 2-3 years of age when the hair color will distinctly change into a lighter tone.

Although a light coffee brown terrier appears to be rare, some terriers in dark body colors transform to a platinum gray color.

General Information

They have a lifespan of 12-15 years and usually maintain a healthy body. Litter size can range from 1 to 8 or even 9, but the average size of a litter is 4 puppies. Other names include Czech Terrier, Ceský Teriér and Bohemian Terrier.

Breed Club

Visit these dog club websites dedicated to Cesky Terriers. Click this link: