The Chilean Fox Terrier has been in around since the year 1870 and was standardized over 100 years later, in the late 1990s. The said breed is a cross between the British Fox Terrier and local American dogs.

Chilean Fox Terrier with chain

This dog is very popular in its native Chile where it was first developed. Today, the popularity of the Chilean Fox Terrier is rapidly growing throughout entire South America.

Its appearance in a hit comic strip Condorito helped this breed to become very famous among many dog-lovers.

These dogs are well-known for their role as vermin exterminators. Also, they are best suitable as companion dogs.

Although the breed has yet to receive formal recognition from any major international dog organization, there are already a lot of kennel clubs working so hard for it to be accepted.

In 2007, the National Chilean Terrier Club was created along with its mission to promote the breed and raise awareness about the Chilean Fox Terrier around the world.

Traits and Behavior

They are intelligent and lovable dogs. It may be in their nature that they are dependable dogs that will accompany their owners when asked to. They also delight in entertaining and are affectionate to their owners. This breed can be good companions if treated with proper training and socializing.

Chilean Fox Terrier red background

They depend well enough on their owners so much so that they prefer their company than being left alone isolated. The Chilean Fox Terrier can also be good watchdogs in which they possess the territorial instincts and protectiveness of their owner.

This dog may be regarded as hyperactive, alert, and skillful; however, if kept in secluded areas it can trigger inappropriate behavioral activities such as biting, chewing or barking.

Pet Care and Diseases

This dog is low-cost maintenance in terms of grooming. They don’t shed much and their coats are short and coarse making it easy to rub off dirt or mud. One can occasionally brush them using a firm bristled one.

During warm weather, regular checks for fleas or ticks should be conducted to prevent the development of bald patches on their body. Also, bathing them is not necessarily a frequent ritual so that the natural oils that protect their skin may not be stripped off.

Chilean Fox Terrier with toy

This type of breed is not suitable for small living quarters or apartments since they need to enjoy running or walking around in a large area. They can be brought along as jogging companions or on daily, long walks.


Chilean Fox Terrier grass background

The Chilean Fox Terrier is a medium-sized dog with a well-structured body. The males stand about 32-38 centimeters tall while the females stand around 28-35 centimeters.

Both genders could weigh up to 4-8 kg. The head is triangular. The ears are set high, falling upwards forming the letter ‘V’. These dogs have a short-haired coat. The white cover coat can be seen having black and tan spots, with a grey undercoat.

General Information

The average lifespan of a Chilean Fox Terrier is around 12-15 years. An average litter is approximately 5 puppies. The Chilean Fox Terrier is also known as the Chilean Terrier, Chilean Rat Terrier, Chilean Rat Hunter, Ratonero, and Terrier Chileno.

Breed Club

Visit this dog club website dedicated to Chilean Fox Terriers. Click this link: http://www.acepe.cl/