The Dutch Smoushond is a rare purebred, terrier-like dog whose origin is undocumented but is found in the Netherlands.

Dutch Smoushond lying on wooden floor

It is believed that it is a descendant of the Schnauzer breed of Germany.

This kind was used as a stable dog to help eliminate rats and mice.

With its small-built stature, it can run and catch rodents more effective than cats. That’s why it is described as a ‘gluttonous ratter.’

The Second World War affected much the life and existence of the Smoushond. It was near extinction.

By 1970, a dog breeder by the name of H.M. Barkman began developing a similar breed using selective breeding from different pedigrees of this type of terrier. Now, this dog breed continues to propagate.

Traits and Behavior

This kind of breed is very intelligent and the reason why their trainability skill is rated excellent because it easily understands commands and faithfully obeys. However, much as it has been gifted with innate intelligence, it is also sensitive to criticisms from its owner or trainer. It can sense if there is fear or anger in the atmosphere.

Dutch Smoushond shy

Otherwise, the Dutch Smoushond is popular as a sweet and affectionate dog. With proper handling and training, this dog can serve as a good, home companion and can get along well with children and with other dogs.

Pet Care and Diseases

Excellent pet care must be given to this breed of dogs. Because of its natural unkempt hair, grooming can be left to a professional groomer, requiring the hair to be plucked by hand twice a year.

Dutch Smoushond ungroomed

Also, since the dog is practically covered with a double coating of hair, some of its excess hair inside the ears and feet must be trimmed down.

Since most of this kind now are living in homes and not in stables as it was originally, adequate provisions in terms of food, living temperature (this dog thrives in a cool climate), and exercise must be extended.

Regular exercises such as walking and running are needed by this dog as it is energetic and agile. Even swimming exercise can be considered to maximize the dog’s agility skills.

Generally, as a purebred, the Dutch Smoushond is a hearty type of dog. There are just some health concerns that future owners must watch for.

The female dog, when pregnant, has to give birth by caesarean section because of its small size.

As the dog ages, it can encounter these health problems: there could develop cataracts in the eyes or luxation, which is the slipping of the lens, and arthritis.


Like many terriers, the Dutch Smoushond is thickly covered with wiry, shaggy hair all over its body and small-built measuring 43 cm at the withers and weighing just about 10 kg.

Dutch Smoushond sitting on grass

Its facial description shows small pair of dark eyes but with black lids, its nose and lips are also black, and it’s got drop ears which are set high on the head.

The small-built body structure is composed of a slightly round skull, moderate muzzle, strong jaws, well-muscled legs, and a well-balanced body.

Its impressive and endearing looks come from its straw-yellow, coarse hair. Its hair is so thick and rough that this dog gives a negative appearance of being untidy.

General Information

Its maximum life expectancy is about 12-15 years. The average litter size is 2-5 puppies. Other names include Hollandse Smoushond, Dutch Ratter and Dutch Terrier.

Breed Club

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